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Historic Theatre!


A new era for the Star!  in April of 2019 the fourth owners of the star over it's 90+ year history purchased the historic theatre.  Jackie and Sean Forney local residents of Berkeley Springs where Sean was raised saw an opportunity to continue burning the candle that is the Star.  We didn't want such an amazing historic business or a much needed community service and tourist attraction to go dark, so after thinking about it, we decided to make an offer to the previous owners of the theatre since 1977 Jack Soronen and Jeanne Mozier.  Jack and Jeanne were happy to know that we didn't want to change much, we would just add to the already stellar offerings of the theatre.  While attending the theatre you will notice that Sean & Jackie will operate the theatre with their three children Scotlyn, Henley, & Skylar!  You may even see them selling the tickets or popcorn!  We want our family to grow up in this unique atmosphere of family fun and happiness!  In August of 2019 the historic theatre underwent some major renovations but still kept that historic theatre touch.  We rewired the entire building, replaced the old air conditioning system, remodeled the concession stand, and even uncovered cool old architecture that had been hiding and covered up since 1949.  Stop by to see the new look, or visit our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/startheatrewv for updates :)

-Star Theatre History-

 Over the course of its 91 year history the Star has continued to be a community staple.  The building was originally built in 1916 as a car garage before being transformed into a movie theatre in 1928.   Over the course of history Jackie and Sean are only the fourth owners of this almost 100 year old business.  From the 1949 Manley Popcorn Machine to the amazing atmosphere that is the Star it is truly a unique experience for anyone who attends!


Historic 1949 Manley Popcorn Machine



Best Popcorn in the State!  Made with real butter and peanut oil!